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Eagle provides the best warranty in the water filtration business!

Eagle offers lifetime warranty on our products

As a customer you of course would care about the product warranty on anything you purchase. As might be expected, it’s rare for any two manufacturers to have identical warranties. That is why it is crucial that before purchasing you at least familiarize yourself with the warranty your selected manufacturer offers. With Eagle Water Treatment you are assured to get one of the best warranties in the business. Eagle provides to the original purchaser a lifetime no charge in home service and replacement warranty on the water treatment unit as required for the lifetime of the unit. As a bonus the self contained computer head and associated valve will be covered for 7 years from the date of installation as well. There are some companies who have improved upon their warranties – but they do come with strict conditions. In the event you may ever have to make a claim, document everything – and check it three times. With Eagle you can be assured that we stand behind our products and that is why you get a lifetime no hassle warranty from the date of installation.

If you choose to compare the Eagle no hassle lifetime warranty please be aware that with other warranties it is always caveat emptor – buyer beware. Understand your warranty and the implications – before you sign anything. Feel confident with an Eagle Lifetime warranty plan with all of your purchases from Gold Water Group, that is why we exclusively carry the trusted Eagle Water Treatment brand.  Give us a call today at 1-844-750-GOLD (4653) and we will be more than happy to visit your home or place of business and provide you with a free water quality evaluation as well as discuss with you our lifetime warranty.


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