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Confused about the difference between filtered, bottled and tap water? Here’s how to choose. Distilled water is treated by boiling and condensation to remove impurities: solids, inorganics and some organic chemicals. While it is true that the distillation process also removes minerals along with contaminants, a healthy diet filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and a high-quality multivitamin should make up the difference.

However, distilled water is now causing some controversy as some claim that it leaches minerals from the body and is overly acidic. The body does not thrive in a state of acidity — bacteria, fungi and viruses proliferate in an acidic environment. In fact, the pH (potential of hydrogen — measurement of alkaline and acid states) of the bloodstream is very fine-tuned, with the normal pH range being from 7.35 to 7.45. The more acidic the environment is, the lower the pH number; the more alkaline the body, the higher the pH number. Acidic food sources include red meat, alcohol, dairy products, refined flours and sugars.

Two of the highest-quality water options available as bottled water or in home units are reverse osmosis and ionized water. Reverse osmosis is the passage of water through a semipermeable membrane and occurs due to the difference in osmotic pressure created by differing solid contents of the liquid. However, similar to distilled water, reverse osmosis water produces demineralized water with an acidic pH. Some recent reports claim that “prolonged consumption of distilled or demineralized water can lead to various forms of mineral deficiency.”

Water ionizers can be purchased and connected directly to a faucet at your sink. Water first passes through a multistage granular activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, metals, sediments and various volatile compounds. The filter also contains silver to prevent bacterial growth. Ionized water is alkaline, not acidic

The bottom line
The body relies on water for survival. Ideally, you should drink six to eight glasses of fresh, clean water daily. When selecting the type of water you drink, any type of filtration system is better than none at all. If selecting bottled water that has been demineralized by a process such as reverse osmosis or distillation, it is important to eat an abundant amount of mineral-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is also best to supplement with a high quality multivitamin daily.

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