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November 21, 2015


Gold Water Group is a premier provider of total disinfection whole home and point of use water treatment.  Our extensive portfolio, which includes the H2O4Life Water Treatment product line, is designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any water application and give you access to both the latest advances and widest range of proven technologies.  Our superior line of products are designed to meet high standards and are built to last with quality parts and components. Each and every H2O4Life product passes a rigorous inspection routine required to ensure customer satisfaction. We have the best Warranty in the business with a lifetime warranty on many of our parts and components and we service what we sell, so rest assured we have your best interest as the customer in mind.

H2O4Life water treatment products


Gold Water Group is proud to be an authorized distributor for H2O4Life water treatment products. H2O4Life offers a versatile range of Whole House Filters that can be used to Neutralize Acidic Water, Remove Chlorine, Filter out Sediment, or to Improve your Waters Taste, Odour and Colour.


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